What is the structure of the induction cooker?

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Generally, the induction cooker maintenance adopts the upper open cover maintenance mode. When disassembling, the screw is usually unscrewed from the back, and then the upper cover is opened for maintenance.
    First, the shell composition
    The outer casing of the induction cooker consists of a ceramic plate, an upper cover and a lower cover. The upper cover and the lower cover are made of plastics such as PC, PVC, PP, ABS and other flame retardant or flame retardant grades depending on the product positioning and grade. The ceramic plate is fixed on the upper cover by a flexible adhesive of silicone. After the shell is completely assembled, it should have a certain mechanical strength to support the weight of the pot and food, and have a certain waterproof effect. Nowadays, there are reasonable air guiding grooves inside the lower cover of the induction cooker, so that the airflow that the fan agitates directly cools the heat exchangers such as the larger csr and the reel. Ceramic panel Pk is mostly made of domestic ceramic plate or microcrystalline ceramic plate. In addition to the function and characteristics of the outer casing, it should also have small thermal expansion coefficient, radial heat transfer, high temperature resistance, heavy pressure resistance, friction resistance and no influence. The special nature of the magnetic field penetration, manufacturers will also choose different grades of ceramic plates according to the price of the induction cooker.
      Second, the structure of the internal electrical control part
      The structure of the electric control part of the induction cooker has been officially commercialized since the induction cooker, and has mainly experienced three eras.
      Third, the whole machine cooling
      Since the induction cooker belongs to electric heating appliances, high temperature is inevitable, but most of the semiconductor electronic components are collected inside the induction cooker. The working requirements and taboos of these semiconductor components are to avoid high temperature. In this case, artificial forced heat dissipation is The key to solving this contradiction is as shown below. The components that generate the most heat in the induction cooker mainly include IGBT, main rectifier and coil. In the general induction furnace structure, these three components are placed in a concentrated manner, the heat generation is also large, and the heat is relatively concentrated. At the time of design, almost all of the fans use the fan to dissipate heat, that is, the air outside the furnace is blown into the furnace by the action of the fan, and the heat-dissipating components are concentrated and forcedly dissipated by the air duct designed in the lower cover of the induction cooker. So that the induction cooker can work for a long time at high power F
    Most of the cooling fans used in the induction cooker are low-pressure axial fans and are divided into brushless fans and brushless fans. Because there are many shortcomings such as short life and spark interference in the use of brush fans, they have already been eliminated, and now the most commonly used is brushless fans.

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