How to choose an oven?

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Before choosing an oven, you first need to know what you like to bake.

If you want to bake some cakes, bread and other foods, you need an oven of more than 35L. Because when you are baking bread or cake, they will naturally expand. The bigger the oven, the more uniform the heat will be, and the better the baking effect will be.

If you like grilled meat, roast chicken, baked biscuits, etc., a 20L oven is enough.

Of course, if you want to try the above food, the bigger the oven, the better.

Learn to understand various functional parameters

The above explains the relationship between capacity and baked goods. The various parameters of the oven are explained in detail below.

1, embedded and external

The embedded oven is placed in the cabinet. It looks like the atmosphere. Of course, the most important thing is that it has the function of the atmosphere, the electronic temperature control gas, the heat is even and stable. However, the shortcomings of embedded are also obvious, occupying a large area, and it is necessary to consider the embedded position when decorating. It is not good to look outside and must be embedded in the cabinet.

The external type is a type of oven placed on the countertop. The disadvantages of the external oven are uneven heating, temperature control and other problems. After the purchase, repeated tests are required to determine its personality, and the time and temperature can be adjusted according to this.

2, temperature control

Temperature control is an important factor in judging whether an oven is good or bad, which is related to the quality of your work. Therefore, the accuracy of the oven temperature difference is preferably controlled between ± 5 ° C.

3, time control

In addition to temperature control, time control is equally important, time control is too poor, and the food made is not cooked or baked.

4, heating tube

The curved heating tube is better than the straight heating tube, the heat dissipation area is larger, and the baking material is more evenly heated; the upper and lower tubes are separately temperature controlled ovens, and the space must be large enough; the oven is equipped with a large number of heating tubes, and the heat is relatively uniform and once baked. There are many things. In addition, the life of the quartz heating tube is relatively short.

5, hot air circulation

The function of “hot air circulation” is very powerful. With this function, the heating speed of the oven is faster and the food made will be better.

6, lighting equipment

It is best to have a self-contained light in the oven so that it is easier to observe the degree of baking of the food.

7, cleaning

Ovens are more difficult to clean than other kitchen utensils, and machines with non-stick coatings are easier to clean.

8, fermentation function

This is a function of "the best, no, it doesn't matter", it can be used to make yogurt and wine.

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