Domestic induction cooker how to choose, learn about the main points of choose and buy

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The existence of technology has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, especially in the kitchen appliances. For example, the appearance of the induction cooker will help us to change the complicated and polluting kitchen conditions in the past. We can make a variety of delicious foods in a few simple steps, and it is convenient and efficient, and it gives us great satisfaction every day.

Compared with the traditional cooker, the induction cooker is small in size and convenient to place, and can be operated by a single table without occupying space. Secondly, the intelligent design of the induction cooker effectively improves the safety of cooking, one-click setting, and enjoy it with peace of mind. The use of induction cooker has alleviated the problem of heavy oil smoke in the kitchen, clean and tidy.

Induction cookers come in many styles and functions, so they can really capture the chefs and count those brands that are refined in detail. The humanized and functional induction cooker can not only be operated by the housewives, but also other people can show their cooking skills to satisfy the cooking interest and active family atmosphere.

Today, talk about the main points of the induction cooker. Everyone knows that the induction cooker has strong firepower, full function, and exquisite appearance, which is clean and hygienic. But if the induction cooker uses panel material, power distribution, heat dissipation performance, and safety protection, is it somewhat confused?

Intuitive understanding

When we see an induction cooker, we must first understand the manufacturer, a good manufacturer can provide excellent quality assurance and perfect after-sales service to solve our worries. Look at the style, although it will be mixed with personal preferences, but also can understand the design strength and style concept. Also pay attention to whether the appearance of the induction cooker is damaged or bumped, whether the pattern is clear, and whether the external power cord and plug are intact.

Panel understanding

At present, the panels used in the induction cooker on the market are mainly divided into black crystal panels and ceramic panels, but the ceramic panels are mainly white or white printing. No matter which kind of panel surface is relatively smooth and smooth, it is scratch-resistant and durable, and it is easy to clean without invading water.

Ceramic panels have been rare in recent years, and smooth and bright black crystal panels are more popular.

Functional understanding

The induction cooker adopts the principle of magnetic field induced eddy current. It uses the electronic circuit to generate high-frequency current through the toroidal coil, which produces numerous closed magnetic field forces, and the bottom of the pot is magnetically generated to heat and heat the food. The amount of heat depends on the size of the coil and current.

Induction cooker uses intelligent multi-function panel to carry out various conversion and power levels to complete, control of stir-fry, soup, and other fires. The power and the size of the heating plate can be judged by whether the function menu of the panel is comprehensive, whether the adjustment is sensitive, and the heating speed.

Cooling understanding

Although the induction cooker is self-heated by the magnetic field pot body, the heat generation problem cannot be ignored because the current generates heat through the coil. When purchasing, be sure to understand the size of the fan wind, and whether the air outlet is smooth.

It is also possible to listen to whether the fan running sound is normal. Except for the normal wind sound, other sounds cannot be mixed, otherwise the fan operation is unstable. Whether the air outlet is smooth or not, if it affects heat dissipation, it is not only easy to cause overheating protection, but also can easily accelerate the aging of the original parts and reduce the service life.

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