Does the commercial induction cooker have radiation?

Article Source:LONGTEK    Update time:2019-06-24 16:51:37

 Commercial induction cooker has electromagnetic radiation, and its radiation is about 1/60 of the mobile phone and 40W fluorescent lamp, and it is
In the range of 10cm at the bottom of the pot. Therefore, commercial induction cookers have electromagnetic radiation, but the amount of radiation is small.
  When the national standard of electromagnetic radiation is detected within 30MHz, the radiation field strength limit is 50~58dBuV/m (decibel microvolt/meter).
When the three-phase 8KW commercial induction cooker is turned on at maximum power, its maximum radiation field strength is about 28dBuV/m, which is within the specified safety limits.
Inside, you can use it with confidence.

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